Mercury Aircraft was founded in Calgary, Alberta by Sandy Macsymic in 2000 as a sole proprietorship. The company incorporated in 2002. It was operated in Calgary until May of 2007 at which time the operation was moved to its present location in Red Deer, Alberta.

Mercury Aircraft is a Transport Canada approved maintenance facility which enables us to carry out maintenance and repair of both private and commercially operated aircraft. Since obtaining the Transport Canada rating in 2002, Mercury has maintained several different types of aircraft from small two seat single engine machines up to 20-25 passenger transport category turbine powered aircraft.

The company had evolved from a single man operation to a higher level where it employs close to 10 engineers, bookkeepers and assistants.

Mercury Aircraft is committed to honesty and reliability with its customers. Mercury's customers are able to bring in their aircraft for a range of aircraft maintenance procedures from inspections to complete overhauls. The company aims to become one of Western Canada's leaders in aircraft service with their dedicated and knowledgeable team.


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