Mercury Aircraft repairs, inspects and maintains both private and commercial aircraft. Our company's engineers ensure all aircraft are to Transport Canada and industry standards. We provide maintenance tracking and forecasting on request as well as parts and equipment sales.

Originally founded in 2000 and incorporated in 2002, our company operates as an "Approved Maintenance Organization" providing maintenance for private, commercial and corporate aircraft. We operated in Calgary, Alberta until May of 2007 at which time we moved to our present location in Red Deer, Alberta.

We are centrally located in the province of Alberta which means a short 25-35 minute flight from either of the major centres as well as an easy flight from other provinces and the territories.

Our company benefits from its facility size, location and experience level. With over 8600 square feet of hangar space, it is able to accommodate 8-10 small single and twin engine aircraft or 2-3 large twin engine transport category aircraft. We are also one of the few facilities in the area with the approval and experience to maintain turbine powered aircraft.

All of Mercury's aircraft technicians are licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers with an average of 10-15 years in the industry. They are committed to excellence, integrity and providing the absolute best service with their high level of experience.

Mercury Aircraft Services has AMO 70-02 on the following airplanes:

BAe Jetstream series

Beech 1900 series

Beech King Air series

Beech single piston powered

Beech twin piston powered

Cessna single piston

Cessna twin piston powered

Cessna twin turbopropeller

DeHavilland DHC-6 series

DeHavilland single piston powered

DeHavilland Turbo Beaver

Piper single piston powered

Piper turbopropeller

Piper twin piston powered


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