Sandy Macsymic, Owner/President

With over 30 years in the aircraft industry, Sandy has experience in all facets of the business including stores/parts sales, sheet metal, structural repair, aircraft refinishing, aircraft overhaul and line maintenance. Prior to Mercury Aircraft, Sandy was employed for 15 years as an assistant Chief Engineer and was in charge of maintaining a fleet of charter aircraft operating out of Calgary and across the north. He became a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in 1984 and worked with several companies always moving up to the top with his dedication and passion of aircraft and the aviation industry. His technical knowledge is invaluable to the company while he is responsible for all project supervision, decision making and client service.

Robby-Lee Hilts, Executive Assistant

Holding various positions in the office, accounting and customer service roles both in Canada and internationally, Robby-Lee has acquired the familiarity and knowledge as she advanced her status in all of her previous companies. She has also gained experience while working in the Oil and Gas sector working with a company from inception. Robby-Lee is responsible for supervision of all accounting and administrative projects.

Elaine Friesen, Operations Manager

Elaine has more than 10 years of experience in the aircraft industry. After joining Mercury 3 years ago as a maintenance engineer, she was quickly promoted to Operations Manager due to her organizational skills and dedication to the company. While Elaine still works as a maintenance technician, her duties as Operations Manager include scheduling aircraft into the shop, researching the job and ensuring all needed parts are ordered. She also works closely with Sandy and the assigned civil aviation inspector to ensure Mercury maintains compliance with the regulations laid out by Transport Canada.

Jann Towers, Chief Engineer

As a licensed Maintenance Engineer, Jann started with the company 6 years ago and has risen to the title of Chief Engineer. He brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill to the company as well as a very positive and professional attitude. Jann is directly in charge of supervising all maintenance staff.


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